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Tony Blair

Stand: 27. Dezember 2001, 8:00 / 24.+22.11.01

Hello Tony, sonny boy

The day before yesterday, 20th November 2001, you spoke at the Schröder-Meeting, where behind big white desks, well arranged in martial lines, important people, sitting on very cheap chairs were displayed looking at a soul finding mental closed shop and almost monkey-theater. A huge amount of neo-socialist banalities was generated, flooding the huge congress hall. Besides the expression of hopes for an intact paradise along with good dramaturgical presentation, their main arguments and the corresponding interrelations unfortunately seemed not sincere. I guess furthermore our socialists are definitively loosing economic orientation. Don’t you think faith-healting is a blind alley? So, I would like to ask you, Tony Blair, The Prime Minister of United Kingdom, after that:

Hau duh ju duh, jangg männ?

I’ve heard you are close to our OMM ... ‘m-pf’ ... sounds unbelievable. So, let me tell you: We are not so close to our sonny boy, because looking at socialists political activity, mental goose-skin becomes the dress en vogue. Too much announcements, too much promises and so on, but only few facts, no jobs, no new children, only old 68 peace makers absolutely harmless to policemen and other proper human beings. Instead, our „piehpl of poets and thinkers” likes Ballermann, you know, the man on the famous Mediterranean island - that means plenty of fiesta with much bick mäkk and no meat on the bones for our economic teeth. History tells us: Many years ago, long before Maggy Thatcher’s (I want my money-bag) time, Britain sang „yeah-yeah-yeah“ but today only the sound of „oh-yeah-me-nah“ is crossing the channel.

Is this due to our new Gerhard, new angel, new Edmund and new braggarts ma- king new Germany? Is this due to new unconditional solidarity in catching crimi- nals with soft words instead with rule of law? Is this due to our invention avoiding carbon dioxide with nuclear power plants? Concerning the last question we very much appreciate your clear statements at the SPD meeting in Nürnberg on energy production and also the need of working hard. Don’t worry, our carpets are big enough so freedom and other achievements of civil society you addressed with finest feeling and skills of statesmen can easily be swept below together with thousands of cattle, e.g. cows, bulls and horned oxen – if you like.

So, dear European fellow citizen, be sure our SPD’s are very happy hearing warm words instead of hard facts. Herbert Wehner, you forgot to mention, used to state with his typical barking voice: “He (they?) prefer to take a lukewarm bath ...”

Perhaps you know the saying “they never come back”. But in your case shouting “come back whenever your want” is a need. In our future New (New (Old Germa- ny)) your statements concerning some special issues are missed and should be completed.


It is fine to take note of your
Birmingham speech on European issues yesterday evening .